Three-thread fabric is generally produced by weaving three different threads, resulting in a thicker fabric compared to other fabrics, suitable for use in the fall and winter months. The front and back sides of the fabric are distinct from each other. It does not shrink or stretch when washed. Three-thread fabric is divided into three categories: without sizing, sized, and diagonal three-thread.

Starched Three-Thread Fabric

Starched three-thread jersey fabric undergoes a brushing process on the inner side to create a cottony and soft surface. The fabric is quite thick and possesses insulating properties, making it a trend in winter fashion. It is suitable for men, women, and children’s sportswear fashion.

Unstarched Three-Thread Fabric

This type of fabric is produced in a flat manner without undergoing a brushing process on the inner side. It is preferred during winter months due to its thickness and insulating properties. It is a suitable fabric for women, men, and children’s sportswear fashion.

Diagonal Three-Thread Fabric

The weaves on the backside of diagonal three-thread fabric are crosswise. With diagonal fabric, you can sew sweatshirts, long tracksuit tops, casual dresses, and sport jackets.